At infinitive not only do we do weddings or celebrations but we can cater for all your business event requirements. Using the latest technology in Audio, Visual and lighting solutions we can cater for any event from the largest to the smallest.

Events such as Fashions shows, Brand redevelopment, End of year award ceremonies, Christmas parties, Gallery conferences, any event you may have we are more than happy to excel your requirements with our special team of even corporate management.

Bespoke stage designs, creating a theme, tailor mad solutions is something our event designers can organise plan and prepare for your event. Different cultures with specific requirements again we can cater for. We have our experienced DJs who also can cater for any types of music from Bhangrah, Bollywood, and English & RNB, no matter what the crowd type is we will have you dancing on your feet.

Lighting adds the wow factor to your event from highlighting the certain aspects for the business showing off a piece of renewed piece of work we can work with you and organise plan and prepare the lighting aspect of your event. Our very popular P3 L.E.D Screen will leave everyone memorised buy the sheer quality visual aspect our L.E.D Screen. Playing videos, images of just your logo this eye catching L.E.D Screen is a popular item with all our clients.

Our technical crew have the advance experience and knowledge to ensure all health and safety procedures are followed for your event. Operating the sound lighting and visuals to precise timing to ensure your event is stress free. This is all made possible right from the start to the end of your event with meetings planning and preparing completing site visit where possible. Our experts and design team can also give you a visual third dimensional cad visual of your event before it has even begun.