Radiate with brilliance, just like a diamond. Lighting has evolved into a crucial element in event design. At Infinitive, our goal is to transform any venue into a magical spectacle, utilizing a combination of intelligent lighting systems that grant us precise control over each individual fixture. With colors, ambiance, and dynamic lighting movements, we guarantee that your guests will be eagerly drawn to the dance floor.

A picture can convey a thousand words, and through strategic lighting, we can accentuate even the smallest details at your event, such as the cake cutting ceremony or the significant first dance, illuminating your head table. Our experienced technicians can provide guidance on how specific lighting techniques will highlight the intricate aspects of your event. With our pin spotting lighting, we can beautifully illuminate each table or row of tables, bringing out the exquisite details of the decor. We can wash the room in vibrant colours, add captivating beams to create an atmospheric party vibe, and even incorporate custom gobos that elegantly traverse the space. The possibilities are truly limitless.


Our design team will help plan, prepare and deliver the lighting at your event. Colours are matched for the course of the event, warmth is added when your guests are enjoying their meal, vibrant colours whilst your guests are dancing and most importantly the photos taken by your guests and photographers will be complimented by the lighting.