We are Infinitive Music, and we are professional Indian Wedding DJ’s.  At Infinitive Music we understand your event needs, which is why our team will offer you a complete start to finish management service. Planning is the first stage of your event: We listen to your requirements and ideas and then offer you a list of affordable solutions. Our specialist design team will then create bespoke stage production based on your requirements.

Once the final touches have been implemented it’s time to deliver YOUR event with OUR exquisite touch.



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6 Reasons for Hiring an Indian Wedding DJ

In today’s world, music can virtually be played on any device including an iPod and a smartphone. But that doesn’t mean that you should neglect to work with a professional Indian Wedding DJ. With proper entertainment, you can be sure to build memories that will last long after the ceremony ended. The following are the reasons why you should hire a professional Asian wedding DJ:

Breathing life into the party

If what you have is an Indian traditional wedding, you can only give life to your event by serving the right food and entertaining your guests well. That is what they will remember you for. Make sure your guests are properly fed for the energy they would require for later events. Hire an Indian DJ to breathe life into the party. With that, the merrymaking should be able to continue long after you said your vows.

Reading and adapting to the mood in the house

Expect an Asian DJ to read and adapt to the mood in the house. All they have to do is to assess the requirements of the crowd to make the necessary changes on the go. Great DJs know how to excite the crowd as well as soothe it when the need arises. Whatever happens, they will keep the party going.

Playing special requests

Consider a professional Asian wedding DJ as someone with a huge database of music from different genres. Even if you had forgotten to bring your favourite music CDs, the DJ will definitely have you covered. There is no way they can fail to have your favourite songs in their playlist. That’s why you can be sure that your special request will be honoured and played.

Providing the sound system

Many professional DJs have their own sound systems to enable you to cover as your guests as much as possible. A great sound system should enable you to host your reception in the outdoors since your guests will be able to hear the music. A great Asian DJ should also have a backup system, just in case, there is a technical error that could impact the event. That way, you can be sure to keep the event running for the rest of the night.

Variety of music

At your wedding, don’t want to just have your special songs played. The Indian DJ is abreast with the dynamism in the crown. It is, therefore, more realistic to expect a large variety of music to be played as a way of catering to the needs of the crowd.  The DJ has many years of experience and understands what it takes to sway a dynamic crowd.

So why don’t you talk to us for a professional Indian DJ? You won’t be disappointed in any way.